Congratulations Eagle Engineering!





120 W 5th St. Santa Ana, CA 92701


ESPORTS Arena is the world's premier eSports venue, community hub and production company. The Arena is a 15,000 square foot facility that launched in 2015 and is located in downtown Orange County, California.

ESPORTS Arena’s unique modular facility allows for small to large scale highly produced eSports and entertainment events. 


Free Play Area

Unlimited free play on ESA PCs. Try one of the many games available while you take in the action. Challenge your friends and test your skills throughout the event. 


Browse the expo booths and check out the coolest and newest products from our sponsors. Test drive new gear and interact with the teams during their breaks. 


Special giveaways and raffles both online and in person. Make sure to follow the stream for live prize giveaways. Exclusive prizes for in person attendees from sponsors. 

Special Guest Appearances

You never know who might show up...