Granada Hills, CA

Since 2001, the Robodox, or the “robot doctors", of Granada Hills Charter High School have aimed to provide our students with a longstanding foundation in the STEM program and the engineering environment. As one of the longest running high school robotics teams in Southern California, the 'Dox have sought to encourage an attitude of sportsmanship, competition, and learning in everything they do. 
The team design and build robots, which compete in both VEX Robotics Competitions and FIRST Robotics Competitions. Students are responsible for every step of construction, from designing and manufacturing to coding and CADing. In the six week build season for FIRST, team members utilize every tool at their disposal to turn a mishmash of metal and motors into a competitive, intelligent robot capable of tackling the specific task at hand. With VEX, a smaller robot is created with VEX parts to make the ultimate machine. In both of these competitions, communication and teamwork is paramount, much like in any competitive eSports scene. The Robodox are excited to see how they can apply these skills in battle, and win the Overwatch Cooler Master Invitational.


Team Roster

Fox Ballew
Team Captain
Aaron Nguyen
Brian Lee
Devin Delgado
JuSung Lee
Juyeong Lee
Peter Beal
Team Manager